This weekend I was talking to my mother about commercials, and how, over all, they are truly awful. However, there are a few that I actually look forward to – the Traveler’s Insurance where the English Gentleman is walking with the huge red umbrella being one. My mom had never seen the commercial so I found it on You Tube for her. That led to a truly enjoyable time together as we searched for Danny Kaye videos (somehow, we got onto Merry Andrew). We found a few from that show – here’s the one for Salud which had us in stitches. My mother had me play it more than once and then we had to repeat it for Dad.

Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to embed the actual video yet.

From Salud, we moved on to Tickety Boo and The Square of the Hypotenuse and The Pipes of Pan all from Merry Andrew which you can’t get on DVD or video anymore. We didn’t even start with The Court Jester because then we’d have been there all day:)

Love Danny Kaye, love that my mother was the one to introduce me to his movies because they are something we share, love that everyone in my family appreciates his work so much that all one has to do is start The pellet with the poison … and we can all jump in, between snorts of laughter!
By the way, can I just say, You Tube is AWESOME!

2 Responses to “YOU TUBE AND DANNY KAYE”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    No one makes you laugh like Danny Kaye, except maybe Victor Borga

  2. painted maypole Says:

    you tube is a brilliant invention. and just today I found a website where I’ve been downloading whole vocal scores to musicals. could it be any cooler? what did we DO before the internet?!?

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