Willie Randolph was fired last night as the NY Mets manager. I have never been a big fan of Randolph’s and I think right now the team does not respect him or follow his leadership. The team is playing lousy baseball and the fans are furious that they are not playing to their potential. However, to fire him in the middle of a West Coast trip, after the team managed to win a game that no one thought they’d win – that’s not right. Why not have fired him a few weeks ago when the Mets got swept by the San Diego Padres, one of the worst teams in baseball? Whey they were home in NY? And to announce the firing in the middle of the night (3:15 AM EST) is sneaky. Yes, the Mets are holding a press conference today and I’m sure Randolph will have one of his own at some point (if I were him, I’d hold it before the Mets have theirs) but, to give him credit, I think he has more respect for the organization than that. Unlike the Wilpons and the Mets organization who, to my way of thinking, have no class what-so-ever.


  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    yeah we have one brain…since i think we were probably posting at the same time

  2. amanda Says:

    HOLY CRAP! I completely missed that…

  3. noble pig Says:

    I haven’t looked at the paper so I guess I didn’t hear…I wonder what happened.

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