There are times I am forcibly reminded of my gender. I usually have no problem doing “guy” things like fixing stuff or taking out the garbage, although I do have my ongoing issues with the vampires. And when faced with removing half-dead rodents and large insects, I’m usually pretty good (a little jumpy, but okay). But Sunday night, I lost any testosterone mojo I may have built up over the past few months. We were unloading the car from our weekend at the beach when a June Bug fell on my head from over the front door. To begin with, I thought it was a scary-ass spider the size of my hand. (Okay, slight exaggeration but it was dark and I was sick, dammit!) And it was ON MY HEAD!!! I went all squeally/high-pitched/only dogs can hear me, screaming “It’s on me! It’s on me!” Luckily I didn’t throw what was in my arms (Lord Dudley) which is what my first reaction was to do. No, I kept hold of him and managed to dislodge the bug from hell from my hair. And discovered it didn’t have 17 legs and mandibles protruding from all sides. And you can rest easy that that particular bug will not be bothering us anymore cause I’m all for the circle of life and letting everything live in peace until it enters. my. hair. Then all bets are off and I’m pulverizing the sucker!

5 Responses to “ME vs. NATURE – GUESS WHO WON!”

  1. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Face it you squealed like a little girl and then pulverized the damn thing in an effort to send it to the depths of hell. Very impressive that you didn’t throw Dudley.

  2. Mike Says:

    So funny! I’ve got news for you though…us guys aren’t as tough with these things as we pretend. It reminds me of that scene in “Annie Hall” when Woody says, after Diane Keaton asks him to kill a bug, “Relax, honey. I’ve been killing bugs since I was thirty.”

  3. noble pig Says:

    I hate those dang bugs, I scream evry time they get tangled in my hair.

  4. tlawwife Says:

    You made my head itch!

  5. the dragonfly Says:

    Yes. Crawly things are NOT allowed in my hair.Blech.

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