I just overheard a co-worker say something less than complimentary about me. He was trying to set up another co-worker (tall, size 2, gorgeous) with a salesman that had just come through the office and he wanted to make sure the salesman didn’t think he was talking about me. This is not the type of person who would say anything like that to my face but to know he felt it hurt a bit.

Now I could go into his office and call him on it. But there’s always the chance he wasn’t referring to me and I’d wind up looking like a fool, something I try to avoid like the plague. So I sit here in my office feeling sick to my stomach and trying really hard not to cry or show any emotion so he won’t know I heard him and praying like mad that I make it through the day.

Luckily, by tomorrow, something of great importance will have happened (hopefully), and this will have been pushed to the back of my swiss-cheese brain and I won’t remember it until the next time I’m feeling all blue and sorry for myself (or until the next bout of PMS hits which should be any day now.)

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  1. amanda Says:

    OK people just suck and whether the comment was intentionally mean or just mindless, it hurts and nothing can take it back. Just remember Princess P and I think you are FABULOUS!

  2. noble pig Says:

    Send me his email address, I’ll give him a piece. I am so sorry that happened, whatever it was, just remember you have a whole community of people who care for you and choose to be your friend.

  3. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Men suck! I wish I had read this yesterday, so I would have known before you had to tell me. Dudley and Andrew are in full on Ultimate Fighter mode and ready to take him on. You could never confront him on it, because the whole tear issue. Let the “boys” come to work and deal with it for you. George is waiting at the front door to be released to defend your honor.

  4. Kathryn Says:

    Freaking men. Go figure. They can be so piggy. But also, maybe he wasn’t talking about you. Cuz the thing with women is that we can be pretty hard on ourselves. ??Hope your day has gotten better. 🙂Oh. And thanks for the comment on my post. I appreciate it! 🙂

  5. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    Ouch! That’s awkward. And hurts. Sorry to hear about it – I know just the kind of “sick to your stomach” feeling you mean. In fact, my tummy’s cringing a bit for you.

  6. A.C. Says:

    Oh, this made me tear up a bit…thinking of you trying not to cry in your office. I’m with your sister…I think you’re fabulous 🙂

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