Wednesday nights are turning into pretty good viewing nights. We’ve been totally engrossed in So You Think You Can Dance since the beginning and it’s one of those feel good shows where, on my way home from work, I start feeling excited about something, and then it hits me – we get Dancing tonight. Yeah, I’m sad, I know, but it does make me happy. The problem now is all the chaff has gone home already, and we’re down to the really good dancers, and trying to figure out who’s not going to be there next week is getting depressing. You hate to see any of your favorites leave. We thought the girls would be safe with Comfort going home for the 2nd week in a row, and then she and Twitch came out and Killed (with a capital K) their 2nd dance, a hip-hop routine that was so good! The other four remaining girls are all really good so who goes? And the guys are even harder. Luckily, it’s not up to me – I just get to bitch at the TV set when the wrong one gets axed.

And to top it off, last night the 5th season of Project Runway started. I totally love Tim Gunn, even though I know he’s not interested in me, but the man has such style and grace and a sense of humor that I get completely! I thought it was fun to see Austin Scarlett again because, let’s face it, he’s good TV. But is it possible that he’s gotten more effeminate since season 1? Always impeccably dressed and possessing more style in his pinky than I will ever have, but still – he is male, right? Just asking. I know Heidi Klum got flack for calling someone’s outfit butt-ugly, but it made me laugh. I don’t think they sent the right designer home though. At least Jerry put together a full outfit (hideous though it was) with a fully lined rain jacket. Stella just whined about her trash bags (duh! what did you think you were going to get?) and barely put any effort into the outfit. And her reaction on the runway was so bored and lifeless – like she didn’t care if she stayed or went. Send her home!

I really liked Kelli’s winning dress. I liked that she used vacuum cleaner bags and coffee filters. And making the hook and eyes from the spiral from a spiral bound notebook? Really ingenious. Daniel’s use of the plastic cups was cool too – but you could tell he totally thought he’d won the challenge and he was pissed when they told him he didn’t. There are too many designers to really know any of them well yet, but some stood out. Blayne is a freak with his tanning and his … whatever the hell it was that he sent down the runway. A onesie for adults? complete with diapers? And he was sooo sure he was going to win for being edgy.

Yeah, Wednesdays are good:)


2 Responses to “WEDNESDAY NIGHTS”

  1. noble pig Says:

    I have not watched anything lately…I’m lame.

  2. amanda Says:

    Wednesday nights are AWESOME!!

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