I don’t get along well with everyone. In fact, I would not be at all surprised to see “Does Not Play Well With Others” on my kindergarten report card. Oh, for the most part, I’m fairly easy going because I’m a listener and I really don’t like confrontation. However, there are some people that will rub me the wrong way. If I had started this blog 2 years ago, it would have been filled with vitriol and damnation towards one of those people.

When I first started working at this company, I was hired as the receptionist. I answered phones and filed. Not a great job for someone with a masters degree but it was something that would pay the bills and give me benefits. I slowly got the trust of the VP running the office and he started giving me more responsibility and more interesting things to do. Some of those things I took over came from one of the women in the office. She had been complaining that she had too much to do and she was actually very instrumental in getting me hired from temp to full time status. However, once I started taking over some of her workload and getting it done quickly and efficiently (said humbly), she changed. She made a point of letting everyone know, in a very loud voice, any time I made mistakes. Certain documents would be on my desk for me to handle, and then disappear when I walked away. When asked about it, she said she needed it to handle her side of affairs and she couldn’t wait for me to “get to it whenever I was going to get to it.” Petty and obnoxious behavior. My problem is I can’t walk away from that kind of behavior – as a matter of fact, I can get just as petty and obnoxious as anyone. I would never try to sabotage her work but I can be truly annoying when I put my mind to it, especially to someone who needs near silence to work. Do you have any idea how offensive the sound of a pencil tapping incessantly on a desk top can be? She does (heh heh!) There were other issues, as well, that I could spend all day listing but I do have to get some company work done.

Things deteriorated until we could barely stand to be in the same office. I was seriously considering looking for another job in yet another profession, when the Assistant Project Manager moved to the west coast. The VP decided I would fit the job nicely and the best part, in my opinion, is I got my own office on the other side of the building from this woman. Now, since we rarely have anything to do with each other, and we see one another maybe once a day, things have cooled down to the point where we coexist in a delicate balance that neither is really interested in disturbing.

Our company has summer hours. On Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we work til 3PM instead of the regular 5PM. We also have BBQ’s every Friday for lunch. Everyone who’s coming chips in and one person is in charge of shopping and cooking each week. Up til now, three of us have handled the BBQ’s (we’re not elitist, it’s just that no one else wants the job.) I have the great pleasure (sarcasm dripping here) of being the money person in charge of collecting each week and tracking receipts and funds so we don’t go overboard. I also take my turn shopping and grilling. This year, the aforementioned woman made comments the week I went over the budget a little (by $15), and said it was because I obviously didn’t know how to shop. She did not say this to my face but to the other two/thirds of our BBQ triumvirate. Being the adults that they are, they couldn’t wait to tell me what she said. They also pointed out to her that she never contributes and if she wants to complain about the way things are done, we’re than willing to let her take over one week.

This week is the week she’s BBQing. I might add that I was very restrained when she handed me her receipts that are almost $40 over budget. I didn’t have to say anything since my cohort couldn’t wait to remind her of what she said. She handled it very well. I’m just hoping that the next time she has something snarky to say, she’ll think twice because these guys will not hesitate to remind you of your mistakes if they dislike you at all. Thank god, they’re on my side!

3 Responses to “VINDICATION”

  1. PG Says:

    Oh heavens MB no wonder you want to jump on a plane! Pencil tapping…you are so wicked! :0) Sounds like she had it coming though. I am a great believer in karma. Even if it takes a while to come around. I wish I could put you in my pocket, as we are off out walking in a minute. (But you’d have to promise not to tap your pencil!)

  2. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Sooo cool, you couldn’t have planned it better if you tried.

  3. noble pig Says:

    Oh the sweetest revenge! What a bee-otch…she’ll think twice next time won’t she?

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