Dear Network Executives,

Please bring back intelligently written television programs. We have been wallowing in the DVD’s of The West Wing and we miss well written, thought provoking shows. Yes we would prefer to watch reruns of good shows than new episodes of bad ones.

There is a reason viewers are turning to reality shows. I find it infinitely more entertaining to watch 11 groups of two travel around the world than watch another inane comedy about the ongoings of staff of a hotel. For god’s sake, stop stealing shows from the BBC! They do it better than we do. Has any show you’ve tried to bring over to the states been even half as good? (okay, I’ll give you Steve Carrell in The Office but does anyone remember the disaster that was Coupling?)

Putting a hot guy on the show is a good start towards getting viewers. But keeping the show on two years after it should have ended? Pushing it a bit, don’t you think. The premise of the show was fantastic but really, how many times can Michael Scofield go to prison? (Don’t worry Wentworth, I will so be there Monday nights for you!)
Another good idea? Come up with a premise that no one else is doing. Remember when ER and Chicago Hope debuted together? You knew only one could reign supreme and, while Chicago Hope had some awesome actors in it, it failed. Maybe because one of those actors WASN’T George Clooney – I’m just saying. The Sarah Connors Chronicles gets my vote because their aren’t terminators running around in every other frigging show on the networks.
Thirdly, could we please go back to a complete season of shows? I like where we start in September, have sweeps in November, break for Christmas, come back in late January, Sweeps again in May, and end before the summer. This schedule works for me. Having great shows like Heroes start, then stop for 3 weeks, then come back for one show, then stop for 11 weeks while you showcase another program that’s not nearly as good, come back for 1 more week and then you have the balls to complain that you lost viewers? Who knew when you were going to be on and even if you did find the right night, it was a repeat???
And Network Bigwigs, could you please give shows a chance? Say more than 3 episodes? Cause some of them take a little getting used to, if you know what I mean, and if given the chance, would do really well. Some of them, you were right to get rid of immediately. They never deserved to reach the airwaves to begin with, but others got a raw deal. You really should hire me to preview the shows for you. I’ll tell you what to keep and what to trash. Starting with, anything by Aaron Sorkin stays for a full year (not 13 measly episodes). And what is your damage with Nathan Fillion? He gets into a project, starts looking all studly, and you cancel it? Firefly? Drive? Give the poor dude a break. What’s he been reduced to? Just co-starring in one of the best things to hit the Internet, EVER! Dr. Horrible fans, unite!
Overall, stop treating the viewers like idiots. We’re not and we don’t appreciate having things dumbed down to our intelligence. Give us a chance! you’d be surprised what we’ll do if we like a show. And don’t even get me started on the subject of commercials because my head very likely might explode.
All that being said, I am so glad I have a DVR because there are some awesome looking shows on the fall schedule and of course they all are in the same time slot!


A Fed-Up Viewer



  1. Joanie Says:

    Amen!Could you add a P.S. for me, please? I’d really like some closure on “Las Vegas”. Hey, it was Josh Duhamel AND Tom Selleck and I was watching from the beginning. To leave me hanging is criminal.Thanks.Da GoddessP.S. Somewhere in my archives (okay, lots of places) is a rant or 50 to network execs. Oh to be in their position for a season!

  2. San Diego Momma Says:

    BRING BACK WEST WING!Miss it, miss it, miss it.And I’m SO with you on all your other points.

  3. Kellan Says:

    I couldn’t agree more – with all of it! I would given anything for there to be great shows again – I LOVED the WEst Wing and can’t believe they took it off! Have a good afternoon – Kellan

  4. noble pig Says:

    Have you watched Lost? I’m addicted but you have to watch it from the beginning on DVD and work yourself up…it’s so good! If you like that kind of stuff, I thought I wouldn’t. Sadly I never watched the WEST WING!

  5. Helen/Dudley Says:

    What’s funny is Chicago Hope was the superior show…

  6. the dragonfly Says:

    Ack! Yes!! I miss <>The West Wing<> desperately. And the loss of <>Firefly<> comes very close to bringing tears to my eyes. *sigh* Have you heard about <>Dollhouse<>? New Joss Whedon show, staring Eliza Dushku. Starts in January…can’t wait!

  7. A.C. Says:

    Oh, Firefly…and Arrested Developmentand DeadwoodUGH.

  8. tinsenpup Says:

    I suspect that they actually really like toying with us.

  9. Always Home and Uncool Says:

    Cable networks are the way to go. USA rocks with Monk, Psych, In Plain Sight. AMC has Mad Men. FX has Rescue Me. … Can’t wait until Big Love returns.

  10. Mrs. L Says:

    Had to comment because with this post I think you’re my twin. Agree with everything you said though. I’m so going to miss Battlestar Gallactica when it ends next year and Firefly ROCKED!

  11. painted maypole Says:

    could you just add my name to the bottom of that letter? thanks.(and as I type this what is my husband watching in the other room? The West Wing on DVD)

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