Those of us in the tri-state have been lucky to have had two of the best sports minds working together for the past 19 years on WFAN. Many of you may have gotten them on Westwood One. I’m talking about Mike Francesa and Chris Russo from the Mike and the Mad Dog Show. Yes, they are so big, they have their own Wikipedia entry. My family has been listening to them for years. To begin with, I couldn’t stand Chris Russo’s voice so I wouldn’t listen. But many of our dinner discussions revolve around sports especially between April and October, and I got sick of not knowing what everyone was talking about with Mike and Mad Dog, that I started tuning in during my ride home. And then slowly, but surely, I got used to the voice that has been described as “Donald Duck on steroids.” The amount of sports information these two have forgotten is more than many will ever know.

They have not always gotten along. Some of the most interesting shows they had were spent yelling and screaming at each other. Chris, a die hard San Francisco Giants fan, delighted in poking at Mike and his beloved Yankees. But they always got through their shows professionally and actually became friends.

On Thursday night, it was announced that they would not be working together anymore. They weren’t going to have a farewell show for Chris who was leaving the station. According to newspaper articles, it was not due to the falling out they had earlier this summer. Chris has other options he wants to explore before he gets too old and he decided it was time to move on. So now, Mike will be going it alone. The problem is that no matter how good they are together, alone they are both much weaker. Part of their magic is how they play off each other. Mike calms Chris down and Chris livens up Mike.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. What I want to know is, now what am I going to listen to during my extensive 25 minute drive home every night? RIP Mike and the Mad Dog!


  1. noble pig Says:

    Wish I had heard of them, they sound like they worked well together…before the spli of course.

  2. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Sad, sad day…they are not nearly as good on their own as they were together

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