There was a feed going around Twitter the other day about signing up for blogs.com, a site to find the “best in blogs” in a variety of different categories. Okay, I thought – I want to get my blog out there for others to read so I’ll register it just about anywhere. Once I got there, though, I ran into a slight snafu. There is no category for me or for others like me. Under Life, here is the list of subcategories:
Crafts and Hobbies – I knit and sometimes show what I finish (when I finish something) but it’s not the main thread of my blog.

Fashion and Beauty – Reality check – I get excited over polo shirts.

Food and Drink – I love to cook and I do sometimes post recipes, and it’s something I would like to do more of if I could just get my act together, but as of now, not really a foodie blog.

Health and Fitness – *snort* (Brief pause while I catch my breath from laughing so hard) NO.

Home and Garden – My one contribution – Don’t let the dust bunnies take over the house, because once they get a toe-hold, their tenacious as all hell.
Parenting – Not going to happen. I believe there are people who should be parents. (not me) Then there are those that should never be allowed near anything that is under 50 pounds heavier than them. (also not me) And then there are those of us who just don’t want kids. At all. There’s nothing wrong with us – we just realized that kids were not what we wanted from life.

Pets – I love my cats but I’m not going to make my whole blog about them. Helen’s got a blog for Dudley the Wonder Kitten, (who if you haven’t met yet, may be one of the cutest things ever!) but we wanted to record his wayward beginnings for posterity.
So where in all this do I fit? Since I am really not one to change my square persona to fit in a circular hole (get your minds out of the gutter!), some people suggested sending a new category to the owners/caretakers of the site – something that would fit my blog-style. Am I a SINK – Single Income No Kids? Hermits R-Us? Life in the Middle Lane?

What do you think?


5 Responses to “WHERE DO I FIT IN?”

  1. noble pig Says:

    yeah, their catergories totally suck!

  2. painted maypole Says:

    i can’t fit those categories, either. i tend to go for parenting, but that’s probably less than 50% of what I write about.

  3. painted maypole Says:

    they need a category for “rambling about my life and my interests and my thoughts in a hopefully entertaining fashion”

  4. Mrs. L Says:

    Shouldn’t there just be a category for “life” which includes all of the above type of thing? I love the “life in the middle lane” tag by the way 🙂

  5. the dragonfly Says:

    I like PM’s idea for a category. 🙂

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