We got the Wii Fit a few weeks ago and we’ve been diligently trying to do it every day. This requires getting up slightly earlier in the morning (6 AM *horrors*) but it has been working, slowly but surely. I’ve gotten thicker skinned about the Wii board gasping or saying “ow” when I step on him (little bastard!) and I particularly like the aerobic step exercises. I’m not that coordinated so every little bit helps – I am really good at stepping on and off the board but when you add kicks and side steps and, god forbid, clapping, I lose all sense of rhythm and my feet get tangled up with each other. I also notice that none of the Mii’s on stage have to worry about stepping on cats’ tails. I can’t explain it, other than sheer feline-ness, but every time I start doing my step exercises, one or another cat’s tail is under my foot just as I step off. I think they may draw straws as to who gets to put their tail under each day. It usually is under the arch of my foot so they don’t get hurt but I’m thrown completely off balance.

Friday I actually attempted the run. I chose the shortest route and spent my time trying to stay behind the lead runner as told. Helen informed me that he just speeds up when you go faster so I’ll have to give that a try on Tuesday. The Mii’s my two sister’s created lapped by me smirking. Is it terrible of me to wish that, just once, they’d trip? I’m not a nice person when I run, obviously. However, this application allows me to try something I’d never do in public, or at least, not until I’m much better at it. As I mentioned, I am seriously uncoordinated and trip over imaginary cracks in the sidewalks, and if there’s a chance I’m going to make a fool out of myself, I’d much rather do it in private. For some reason, making an ass out of myself in front of others is something I avoid at all costs.

My COB (center of balance) is getting better. However, ask me to stand on one foot and I get stuck with a Wii age of 59. Yeah, okay. We’re trying to get in balance games at night after work because they’re so much more fun than the other stuff, and more like games. I am feeling my way through the ski slalom and the ski jump. Having never once put a pair of skis on my feet, this is all a new experience for me. And yes, I know it’s not the same as the real thing, but you know what? I’m enjoying these activities and I get to stay warm and dry, which is kind of important to me. So, for me – no downside. I tried being the soccer goalie – do you know they throw shoes at your head? and panda heads? I have difficulty going from trying to hit things to trying to avoid them in the blink of an eye so it’s definitely a learning process.

We bought the Dance Dance Revolution game on Tuesday. It comes with a dance mat and a disc that we set up the next day, but it really wasn’t what I expected. I thought it was going to teach me how to dance but instead I just tap my feet to the right, left, front and back, and it would appear that I do that appallingly badly. I really don’t have much rhythm left, although I’m slowly getting some back with Dancing with the Stars. The cats got a real kick out of trying to wrap themselves around my legs as I tried the steps, so, in the interest of NOT breaking any bones, and because I really can’t take the music it comes with, we are putting the DDR up for sale on Craig’s list. Anyone want a brand new Dance Game, used only once?

The Sports disc that came with the Wii is getting most of the attention. I did the accompanying workout and was told I played like I’m 63 years old. Way to make me feel special there! My favorite game by far is the Wii tennis. I do have to figure out why some of my forehand shots go out and some stay in, and why, of all things, my backhand is so much better than my forehand. I was doing practice sets yesterday when Dudley the Wonder Kitten felt the need to be skin to skin all afternoon. The weather was really quite muggy so holding a small, five pound furry bundle that insisted on burrowing into my neck was uncomfortable, even without trying to perfect my forehand. However, I shall persevere! Today, I entered the foray of boxing and I found it surprisingly satisfying. I would never get into a fight in real life (the dancing baby from Ally McBeal could take me) and I don’t think it’s a good way to get resolution to problems. I also won’t watch boxing matches because I find them too violent. Does this make me a hypocrite? I don’t know but, somehow, the Mii’s (with their lego-like qualities) make it unreal and palatable. Fantastic way to take out your aggressions – I can see coming home from a crappy day at work and just smacking the hell out of the little man across the mat from me.

One Response to “WHY CATS AND WII’S DON’T MIX”

  1. the dragonfly Says:

    I desperately want a Wii. But you know, I’m pretty sure I’d have cat-related problems as well. 🙂

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