Today is the perfect day to read for the RIP III challenge. The wind is howling past the house, the rain is lashing against the windows, and the ocean is crashing across the street. It is grey and wet and you can just imagine a stranger knocking on the door begging sanctuary. Unfortunately, our house is not stone otherwise I could describe the damp and the moisture running down the inner walls. In actuality, we are cozy in our very cheery kitchen, making Elevator Lady Spice Cookies because that is what we do on my mother’s birthday. September’s slightly cooler weather makes us all yearn for the gingeriness of these cookies. We’ve (I use that pronoun loosely as Amanda’s the one who did it) already made baked ziti just waiting to be popped into the oven when we’re ready, and we’ve got The Monkees and Sarah McLachlan going on the ipod. It’s really quite domestic – something the women in my family are NOT! Especially Helen who did most of the work on the cookies. I cheerfully volunteered to be a taster and make sure there was no poison in the finished product:)

Back to reading – I finished my first book for the RIP challenge Tithe A Modern Day Faerie Tale by Holly Black. I really enjoyed reading this, partially because it takes place on the Jersey Shore near where I live. When Holly Black talks about the dilapidated pier and Delicious Orchards, I can see them in my mind as I’ve visited them. I experience a secret thrill when I read books set near my home because there is always a slight chance I might be able to step into the story if I’m in the right place at the right time.

In Tithe Kaye is 16 years old, taking care of a mother that spends most of her time either drunk or playing with the band, whatever band is available at the time. But Kaye has a secret – when she was young(er) and staying with her grandmother in NJ, she had friends among the fey, the faeries. However, these are not your Disney Fairies – no sweetness and light here. Instead, Holly Black introduces us to a dark world with drunken debauchery and where good deeds are turned on their heads unless you can find a way to trick those in authority. How deeply Kaye becomes embroiled in this world, I will leave you to discover on your own. Suffice it to say that there’s a dangerous knight named Roiben, two faerie queens and two faerie kings, and a selkie, among many others.

Don’t be turned off by the young adult classification because this book is enjoyable for anyone who believes, even a little bit, in faeries.

As I finish this, the enticing smells drifting from our kitchen have made Hanna pause. As darkness falls, the winds die down and the rain is stilled to a light mist, and I am looking for a woman cloaked in grey with wind blown hair and stormy eyes, and then I will know that faeries really do exist.

Happy reading everyone!


  1. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    Sounds like a perfect “curl up and read” day. And with yummy kitchen smells to boot – even better!!!

  2. DesLily Says:

    being a born and raised Jersey girl this sounds like I should send for it!glad it was an enjoyable read.. I’ll keep it in mind

  3. Helen/Dudley Says:

    It’s on my list now. By the time we are done this challenge I’ll have closer to 20 books to read.

  4. Mike Says:

    Sounds like a good page turner…of course reading it would mean reading something not on the internet, and I haven’t done that in a while!

  5. noble pig Says:

    I’m sure it’s hard to put down! I would love a rainstorm right now.

  6. the dragonfly Says:

    If you liked <>Tithe<>, I recommend <>Valiant<> and <>Ironside<>. They’re even better!Sounds like you had an excellent day to read. 🙂

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