NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer

I finished book #2 in the Twilight Series yesterday. I enjoyed reading the book tremendously but it didn’t affect me the same way Twilight did. I think that might be because
a) the first impression of the series can happen only once and it just hit me like a ton of bricks; and
b) what I loved most about Twilight, the interaction between Edward and Bella, was missing from most of this book because Edward isn’t around as much. His absence causes great distress to Bella and I don’t do moping well.

I enjoyed the emergence of Jacob as a main character. I really enjoy his personality and am warped enough to be highly intrigued by his *ahem* problems. I knew before I started what happens with Jacob but I love the way Stephenie Meyer is handling the whole thing.

In this volume, you learn more about the Volturi and even get to meet some of them. Now they are some scary-ass people! You also spend quite a bit of time with Jacob’s tribe.

I stopped by Borders on the way home yesterday and picked up #3 & #4 in the series. I’ve started Eclipse and it is holding up well. I should be finished that and be at least half-way through #4, if not completely finished, by the end of the weekend. I truly love finding books that make me late for work because I’m trying to get in one more chapter, that I can get so lost in that I do a double-take to get back to the present. Please, do not get turned off by the Young Adult label on these books. They are wonderful stories, well written with great characters! Today I am chomping at the bit to get home (4 hours from now) so I can continue my great gorge! I don’t allow myself to bring the books to work because I wouldn’t get anything done:D And now, I have the whole weekend in front of me, just waiting to be filled with all the Forks, WA folk!

2 Responses to “NEW MOON by Stephenie Meyer”

  1. the dragonfly Says:

    Excellent books. Enjoy three and four!!

  2. denise Says:

    I LOVE these books. I agree about number 2. I missed the chemistry between bella and edward. The 3rd is better. I liked the 4th although there is alot of controversy out about it I really did enjoy it.

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