I love time pieces. Clocks of all kinds fill our walls and mantles. I have to say, it makes Daylight’s Saving Time a challenge. Here are just a few …

They don’t all keep exactly the same time but they are close enough that we don’t get confused. We’re pretty sharp that way:D

Some of them make noises – this one makes a different animal sound on every hour, as long as light is hitting the sensor. That way, we don’t have lions snarling at midnight.

I even got a grandfather clock two years ago for Christmas which I really love! With all these clocks, you might think I’d be better at being on time, but as you can see from these pictures that I took this morning, I’m well on my way to being late for work (starts at 8AM and there is at least 20 minutes worth of commuting in front of me)

but they forgive me because I’m that good:)

This one’s on my desk at work.

The funny thing is I will only wear one watch.

My grandmother gave it to me when I graduated from college 20 years ago. The one or two times it has broken, I go without a watch, which throws my whole day off schedule. I’m so used to having it on my wrist that when it’s not there, everything’s off. I have a box full of watches at home because evidently, watches are one of the top presents to give teachers. I used to have to fake it for the kids – wearing one watch during class and changing it as soon as they went home, so I wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. But since 5 year olds have the attention span of gnats, I could usually revert to my watch after a day or so.

So there’s my fetish with time. What about you? Anything you want to share?


2 Responses to “CLOCKS”

  1. noble pig Says:

    Okay that Mickey watch is adorable, I love that you still have it.

  2. painted maypole Says:

    we used to have a bird clock that chirped on the hourand i wore a mickey mouse watch for years. i wish I still had it!

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