Is it the secret ambition of every English Major to be an author? I mean, deep down inside, popping up sometimes only in your dreams? This is not to say that no one else can aspire to writing but I think it may be more so with us. I entered college thinking I wanted to be a doctor; I left college thinking about law school (neither worked out for me – go figure); and in between I finally followed my mother’s advice and my true passion, which is reading (translation: English Literature). I think if I could go back and relive my working career again, I would start out in publishing and work my way up through the ranks until people were paying me to discover the next Harry Potter. I stayed away from the publishing field because everyone told me the pay was so little. Instead, I went into teaching, specifically teaching in Catholic Schools. Way to make the millions there, MB!
I’ve thought about writing. I didn’t take any creative writing classes at school but I have very vivid dreams and I sometimes think they are story lines just waiting to be written. I’ve never followed through on them because real life and paying jobs kept getting in the way – I obviously don’t have the overwhelming need to write that many authors do. But I jot down the lasting dreams and think, maybe someday, I’ll go back and write the next Harry Potter instead of discovering it. Nothing like shooting for the stars, right?
When I started my blog, I didn’t know whether it would last. Would this be the latest passing fancy until something more interesting came along? Yet here we are, a little over a year later, and I’m still going strong. I find it extremely liberating, putting my thoughts down on paper, as it were. And I’ve had fun participating in the Monday Missions and taking part in NaBloPoMo last November. I can’t tell you how proud I was that I was able to sustain a month of blogging every day. Not everyone in my family understood what an accomplishment that was, but that’s okay because I didn’t do it for them.

When Catnip started writing Chapter Bytes, a book that allows different bloggers to write each chapter, I was intrigued and quickly got caught up in the story. So when she put out the alert that they needed more authors, I nervously gulped and sent her an email letting her know I was available. Then a week and a half ago, I got the notice that it was my turn. My first thought was “Already??!!” But then, I reread the story 6 or 7 times and an idea began percolating. I let it sit for a while, until I had a way to flesh out a character that had, until now, been hiding in the shadows. I hope you enjoy where I’ve taken the story.
If you really want to know what I’m rambling on about, go here to read the story and see all the great bloggers that have put their personal stamp on the it. Don’t forget to pay special attention to chapter 16 cause that one’s mine:D And it tells me that no matter what profession I find myself in, whether it be teaching or accounting or construction, a) my mother was right and b) I’ll always be an English Major at heart!


  1. Helen/Dudley Says:

    It’s kind of frightening sometimes the way our brains work.

  2. Mike Says:

    Congrats on writing a chapter! Hopefully now it will open the floodgates to more writing for you!

  3. catnip Says:

    I’m so impressed with your chapter. You took a character that I loved and redeemed him in such a fantastic way.Keep writing!

  4. amanda Says:

    I can’t wait to see how you finished it… I have to admit that I read English Major as military until the last line.. I need sleep.

  5. noble pig Says:

    Writing is a great outlet. I too am an English Major who went back to school to get a science degree. Now how should I classify myself?

  6. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    Hi MB,just catching up a little on your beautifuly written blog and I’m looking forward to reading the multiiauthored story!

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