***Edited to update – 10/3 10PM – Back home and everything okay. Dad taken in almost immediately and done within 45 minutes. We had to wait to see him until they had a room available but he was awake by the time we got there. We left at about 5:45 PM and he was much more alert and eating dinner (nothing, and I mean NOTHING stands between that man and his meals:D ) We will be picking him up tomorrow morning and bringing him back to the beach to recuperate.****
You get two for the price of one today. These were taken yesterday as night fell on the Riverside Cafe. We were on our way out the door – heading for the beach. Today my father goes into the hospital for Gall Bladder Surgery. The doctors don’t expect anything out of the ordinary but with his heart issues, there is always the chance of something going wrong. Please think good thoughts for the foz today.

I am 1/2 of the doggy limousine service for the day, hence the trip to the beach last night. Dad, mom and Amanda (the nurse in the family and resident level headed person) left 1/2 hour ago to head to the hospital in Montclair (2 hours away). My parent’s house is in Montclair and Dad is very familiar with the hospital there. However, he has decided, in his pig-headed way, that he wants to convalesce at the beach, so we are traveling back and forth. The dogs cannot be left on their own with no one to walk them for the whole day so Helen and I are THE CANINE TRANSPORTERS. We will ferry them to the house in Montclair, drop them off, head to the hospital (after picking up brother #1), wait there while the surgery occurs, then pick the dogs up again and bring them back to the beach. Everyone else will follow tomorrow after Dad gets released. The hospital is close enough to the Montclair house that we can duck out and walk them periodically while we wait for news.

Anyway, I’m going to be out of the blogosphere for the day – hopefully I’ll be back late tonight or early tomorrow to say everything went fine.

Oh, and if you look really closely at the above picture (or click it to make it bigger), you can see the crescent moon in the middle of the picture. It was a gorgeous night last night!


2 Responses to “PHOTO 3 – and DAD ENTERS HOSPITAL”

  1. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    Sending good and healthy thoughts your way!

  2. noble pig Says:

    Oh, I had my GB out 3 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did but he will be really sore. I hope it all goes well.

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