We drove down to LBI last night to celebrate Amanda’s birthday. On the way we collected brother #3 and brother #2 showed up just before we started eating. Lambeau, his dog, came with him. You know the line from Gladiator “on my signal, unleash hell”? Lambeau hit the kitchen and all hell broke loose. Dickon, on seeing his best friend, immediately began dashing all over. We finally got the two of them out onto the back porch where they rough housed all through dinner. Poor Morgun thought he wanted to be outside but once you opened the door, he decided he really wanted to stay inside and bark at them through the doorway. Since last night it was a tad bit chilly (44???), leaving the door open for him was not an option. So he stayed inside where the food was. We could tell that the hooligans hadn’t escaped from the porch from the crashing and banging. We only got worried when it went quiet.

As her present, we got Amanda a bag full of books. In our family, this can not be topped. We also gave her a small painting that fit her personality perfectly!

Having my brothers for dinner is a rare occurrence, especially since brother #2 lives in Virginia. But when we do get together, our dinners tend to be long and raucous, even without the dogs. Poor dad is recuperating from having his Gall Bladder removed and trying not to laugh too much because it still hurts, and the two of them are feeding off each other, keeping us roaring. Mike, over at The Newborn Identity, is weighing the merits of having more than one child, and I commented that there is nothing like being part of a big family. Last night was the perfect example. Brother #1 wasn’t able to make it but the rest of us were there and it was so much fun! Unfortunately, work reared its ugly head way too early, and we had to leave to get home at a reasonable hour. Sometimes being a grownup sucks!


4 Responses to “BIRTHDAY DINNERS”

  1. noble pig Says:

    That picture is just adorable, love it.

  2. painted maypole Says:

    i sometimes wish I could give that big family thing to MQ. sounds delightful.

  3. amanda Says:

    As we speak, brother #2 has just left and the other two dogs are sacked out upstairs. True to form it is 11pm and I am due into work at some ungodly hour, Princess P is under the bed because she has figured out that I will be leaving her behind (at mother’s insistence…). Only 2 days and then the weekend.

  4. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the shout out, and yes, now that I read your story I definitely can see how expanding our family could be a lot of fun. Maddening…but in the end more fulfilling!

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