My computer picked up a virus over the weekend. There are aliens inside making the mouse move on its own and opening and closing Internet windows. Since the computer belongs to the company I work for and the virus was picked up during my personal usage, I am in semi-bad graces right now. They are going to have to strip the whole thing and re-load everything back on again. Today is my 2nd day sans computer and I am waiting on the IT guy to walk me through it step by step. Meanwhile, as punishment, I am being made to sit at the front desk and use the computer up there. I sat there when I started working here as a receptionist and I didn’t realize quite how much I enjoy having an office in the farthest reaches of the office where hardly anyone goes. That makes it sound like I work in this vast office which isn’t true at all. However, I am off the beaten track so it’s very quiet back there.

Also, Helen took brother #1 to the hospital yesterday with horrible stomach pains and trouble breathing. It turns out he has gall stones (he just can’t let dad have all the attention) and there may be one loose in his system. They are doing an endoscopy today to see if they can get that one out and then they’ll take the gall bladder out tomorrow. If they get the rogue stone, they won’t have to cut him open completely – just the three small cuts. Helen was at the hospital all day yesterday and we are waiting for calls today. God knows what we’re doing tomorrow.

No, wait. We’re taking Dudley to the vet tomorrow to be tutored (neutered) and, while I know it’s not that big a deal, I still worry whenever any of our pets are in the hospital.

I’m waiting for a little break in the clouds….


4 Responses to “WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS”

  1. ewe are here Says:

    tough week… really hope it gets better fast.

  2. PG Says:

    That’s one bad week – and some bad luck. Hope things pan out better soon. They say troubles come in threes, so I think you’ve had your allowance there.

  3. amanda Says:

    We are done in PA… No more… If you think about it, we have had our three human- Mother and the dog bite, dad’s gallbladder, brother gallbladder… Dudley is beginning the three neuterings AND he is the youngest…

  4. painted maypole Says:

    when the sun breaks through the clouds the rays will look mighty beautiful.hope the sunshine comes through soon…

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