We dropped Dudley off at the vets at 7:30 this morning and met his vet. She was wonderful and answered all our questions. Then we went to the human hospital to check on brother #1. He was taken in before we got there but Dad was waiting in the same day surgery room. We waited for a little over an hour and the doctor came out to let us know that everything went well; the gall bladder was history; and he’d be going up to his room soon.
When we saw him, he was really groggy and thirsty, and he kept dozing off. But sleep helped him get more clear headed and we left him with a couple of newspapers for light reading and Fox News on the TV. We swung by and sprung poor Dudley from his prison. He was very groggy and wobbly on his feet. We have to keep an eye on him for the next few hours and we’re supposed to monitor his food and water intake. However, he perked up right away when we started eating dinner. Right now, he’s curled up on his blanket on the floor at Helen‘s feet and waiting for the next course.
Thank you everyone for the good vibes you sent. I’m really quite done with hospitals for a while but I’m thinking of making standing appointments for brothers #2 & 3 for their gall bladder removal since they’re the only ones left. On a good note, I finished one hat and have moved on to another:)


  1. noble pig Says:

    Yes, please no more hospitals! Take care now…everyone.

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