**This is in no way an ahh, poor me or someone talk me down off the ledge post. Rather, it is me talking my way through stuff.**
There are some people that thrive on change, living for that next disruption that will get their adrenaline pumping. I have come to realize I am not one of those people. I have a quiet, even-keeled life and that makes me happy. But it seems that my life has been just slightly off kilter for the past few months. I’m tracing it back to when we had to put Tigger to sleep. That cat has some mad powers! Since then, just as I seem to get back on track (or at least get the track in my sights), something else happens that knocks me back again. In the past month alone, my family has dealt with an infected leg, two gall bladder surgeries, an infected computer, and a urinary tract infection. Being part of a family means being there for them, even if it’s only sitting in the waiting room, or being the one who stays home to care for the animals so the one gone doesn’t worry, or checking in from another state (in Amanda’s case, being on the other end of the phone line to answer all our questions about the ailments). I wouldn’t do it any other way, but I’m starting to notice signs of strain – a migraine a few weeks ago and a sty appearing on my eye this week (although that may be attributed to killing a computer).
I have two vacation days left to use before the end of the year. I’m thinking of using them to extend a weekend but I’m afraid to say when out loud because the last time I had planned to stay at the beach for a few extra days and relax, my uncle died which sent my father into a funk (it was his younger brother). The extra days relaxation turned into a week of traveling back and forth from the beach to work every day so that the ark (my parent’s pets) would have someone there to care for them. Helen put the business on hold for a week so she could be down all day because Dickon is a full-time job! So, shhh! I’m taking a few days off in the next two months. But I think I’ll wait until the last minute so the universe won’t be able to dump anymore crap on us. Cause really, my head can’t take it:)

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  1. noble pig Says:

    Yep, when it rains it pours. I agree, you need some time away. I hope it all works out for you.

  2. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Don’t forget that business sucks and the stress that I add with no salary. It makes you want to crawl into the closet with the cats and some good books and scream “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”

  3. the dragonfly Says:

    Thinking of you…hope you get your time away….!!!

  4. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV Says:

    The invitation to come and hide amidst sunshine and blue skies is always open. All furbabies welcome to tag along. 😉You’re in my thoughts. I wish we could talk over the phone sometimes. That’s how I feel at times when I read a favorite blogger’s post and realize that I’ve been there too! I know exactly what you mean about the world being off kilter somehow after Tigger left…that’s how it was for MONTHS after we let Nick go last year. Hang in there…it DOES get better. Warm hugs from hot-ass sunny San Diego! 🙂

  5. sketched out Says:

    Holy cow, I’ve had periods in my life just like that. There doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. But there will be. I’ve always found life to be cyclical and a calmer period is hopefully around the bend. Sending positive energy your way. Hang in there!

  6. painted maypole Says:

    you most surely deserve a break!

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