Do you find that there are some rules and regulations you follow more than others? I do. Here are but a few…

  • No Right on Red, I take that to heart and refuse to make the right, regardless of how many idiots choose to honk at me.
  • Speed limits are looked on as mere suggestions.
  • Yellow Lights are an excuse to speed up
  • Turn signals – there should be classes taught on the proper etiquette of turn signals. Don’t turn it on too early because it just gets too confusing. Turning them on at the last minute is asking to be hit from behind. Not using them at all should bring down the wrath of god.
  • Right turns at stop signs – I realize that at times we all misjudge the distance between the turner and the car bearing down upon it. However, freezing like a deer in the headlights after making the turn, and moving at a snail’s pace does nothing for the blood pressure of the driver behind you.

You know, as soon as drivers realize that everything revolves around me, the easier it’s going to be on everyone.


3 Responses to “ROAD RULES”

  1. noble pig Says:

    I will get out of the way!

  2. ewe are here Says:

    Over here, one of the things I like about traffic lights is the yellow/orange works in both sequences. It follows green, meaning get ready to stop. And it also follows red, meaning get ready to start! I really like that.

  3. the dragonfly Says:

    Yeah, come to Germany sometime. You’ll get a headache just getting in your car!

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