Is that not one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? **touches it reverently** I GOT AN iPHONE!!!! I’m so excited because I’ve wanted one since they first started showing them and now, it’s all mine:D

I’m still figuring out how to do things, like charge it so it doesn’t die in the middle of the night, but I will prevail because I’VE GOT AN iPHONE!! Helen got one too so she is going to spend part of her day learning all the cool things we can do and then she’ll tell me when I get home. Working in public where people can see what you’re doing kind of gets in the way of playing all day finding out everything there is to know about your new phone so you can use it to enhance your business, which is definitely what I’d be doing if I wasn’t here.

3 Responses to “TA DAA!”

  1. ewe are here Says:


  2. painted maypole Says:

    that is a great present!!!

  3. Mike Says:

    My wife wants one of these SOOO bad. If we can swing it I might try to pull it off.

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