The question this week from Booking Through Thursday is Why Buy? as in why buy your books rather than get them out of the library. As a firm believer of owning as many books as possible, there are a couple of excuses for my quirk:
  • We live in a town that has it’s own library which means if I want to take books out of the much larger, much more expansive county library, I have to pay $100 a year for the honor of doing so. Yeah, I don’t think so!
  • I can’t even find my town’s library, it’s so freakin’ small!
  • I very often get an urge to read a book NOW and having to wait until the next day (as these cravings never come during normal working hours) to get the book just won’t do.
  • I reread books all the time. There are some that have literally fallen apart from being read so many times.
  • I’m kind of like the dragons of yore – I like to look out over my loot (books) and drool.
  • Books are the best kind of friends – always entertaining and never wanting you to do things for them.

Given the choice, I will continue to buy my books as much as possible.

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6 Responses to “WHY BUY?”

  1. Smilingsal Says:

    I would HATE to have a library like yours. Here’s my answer.http://bookcritiques.blogspot.com/2008/11/booking-through-thursday.html

  2. Julia Says:

    That sad that there isn’t your own library near by. I hope there will be more option of library built soon 🙂And I agree most of what you said here too. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a good day!

  3. Melody Says:

    It sucks not to have a library around your area… Still, I haven’t visited a library for a long time because I’d prefer to read at my own pace. And yeah, I love owning books! 😉

  4. Brenda Colleen Leyland Says:

    Hi, Just bumped into your site… found your BTT comments. Like you, I often get the urge to read a book NOW… so it’s wonderful to have them close at hand, especially when I’m on one of my ‘night-owl prowls.I can sometimes tell how often I’ve re-read a favourite by the different colours of ink used to mark and underline.I got into the habit of making a small entry on the inside cover to indicate when I last read it. It’s kind of fun to see when I’ve last read something and how often.I love your kitty pictures… they look adorable. I have one kitty now…Miss Kitty adds so much joy and fun to our lives. Come by and see for yourself. http://awordfromhome.blogspot.com/2008/10/day-71-purr-fectly-picturesque.htmlI’ll come again. Enjoyed my visit.

  5. painted maypole Says:

    my author friends love people like you.I, on the other hand, am all about the library and second hand books. even so… our collection is rather impressive

  6. JonJon Says:

    As a cat-book-lover, I agree that books do entertain us like cats do! 🙂Thank you for visiting my site. Happy reading!!!

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