Much like a house with children, privacy does not exist in a house with cats. Cracked doors are invitations to enter. Closed doors require banging and howling to the point where the person inside is sure that there are thugs breaking in and torturing the little darlings.

In our last house, we had a room for Hey Teach’s inventory. We dared to close and latch the door because, silly us, we wanted to TRY and keep it fur-free. The felines were SURE we were doing magic things in that room and were just too MEAN to let them join in.

Adding insult to injury, Dudley (the baby of the family) has figured out how to open the thumb latch doors at the beach. Andrew’s been working on it for a few years now and Dudley perfected it. I’m afraid there’s no keeping him in/out of a room now!

Bathrooms should be the ultimate sanctuary – a place where no one bothers you. Not in our house! Private time = cuddle time. Some cats just are looking for a lap to sit on, others are looking for a captive audience to scream/talk to (the acoustics of bathrooms are particularly good), and yet others are perfecting their drive-by techniques — bang the door open and run. Let this be a lesson for all future visitors – closed doors with semi-secure latches are no match for 17 pounds of fur pounding against them. Make sure you lock all doors you want to remain closed. Ear plugs are in the top drawer.


  1. noble pig Says:

    That’s actually kind a cute.

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