On a side note, I failed at NaBloPoMo this year. Due to circumstances outside my control (i.e. work, life) I missed a few days and now, after three days without posting (which we all know in blog life = like a year!), I’m back and I don’t even have anything interesting to talk about. Life just got in the way.

As we were driving to LBI yesterday, we saw some people standing with liquidation/bankruptcy sale signs at all the intersections of the highway that leads to the Island. It was cold here yesterday, mid-thirties with a brutal wind blowing off the bay, and all I could think was those people must be MISERABLE standing there with their big ol‘ signs. Is the money really worth it? And then I wondered if this was the only job they could get, in which case, yes it’s worth it to bring in a little money.

My mind started drifting a little, but only a little because I was driving, to all the jobs I’ve held over the years. Which was the worst? Chambermaiding was the most demeaning. Some people adopt an attitude while on vacation which does not include being polite/respectful to the “help”. But I was a teenager and a steady paycheck made up for a lot of slights. Also, those few and far between guests that really appreciated what you did to make their stay a happy (okay, that makes me sound like a hooker) so let’s go with a stress free one.
Working at WaWa was the all time low, I think. The people that worked there were idiots. Probably not at every WaWa, but at this one, they were idiots. I had to take a test to see if I knew the stock and I finished it quickly. After being told I wouldn’t get extra points for finishing first, the manager was amazed when I aced it. It was a very simple test, really. The job fit within the hours I had available – I was student teaching (i.e. not getting paid) during the day, writing my Master’s Thesis, and living with Helen on LBI. We didn’t have to worry about paying rent but all the other amenities, like eating and gas for the cars, came out of our pockets, so we needed some income. When LBI shuts for the season, there aren’t a lot of jobs available so we were glad for the opportunity, but it still sucked.

So what was your worst job?



  1. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    I’ve had so many! Worst? Convenience store clerk. I worked nights, had to clean up, stock coolers, stock shelves, and then check out and balance the register before driving home about midnight. Thank goodness I was very young and strong!

  2. noble pig Says:

    What’s WaWa and what’s LBI…I need to know!

  3. Deb Says:

    Yeah, Oskar Huber going out of business after all these years. It's funny, because we were talking about the guys holding the signs for Linens & Things going out of business sale. It was so windy and cold, and I hoped they didn't stand there too long. WaWa…I hated Woolworth's (retail at age 16) blech, I realized right then and there, retail IS NOT for me!

  4. catnip Says:

    My worst job was probably my first one when I was 16. I worked at a little snack stand at a beach. We made lots of fried food, and foot long hot dogs with sauerkraut. Eww. I only lasted about a month before I found a better job pumping gas! LOL.

  5. painted maypole Says:

    tuturing for the SATs was the WORST JOB EVER.

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