We’re having a company wide meeting tomorrow afternoon. Not office wide – company which will include the offices in Boston, DC, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, NY, etc. It’s supposed to be very brief, about 15 minutes, and rumors are buzzing as to what the subject will be. Will the higher ups wish everyone a happy holidays and state the obvious – that the economy sucks and that bonuses are NOT in the future, especially in the construction business? Or will they shock everyone and say we are getting a bonus this year?

I had convinced myself that we weren’t getting bonuses because I was pretty sure they would have come with last week’s check. And, really, it’s okay because I enjoy my job (even though it gets frustrating at times, but I live in the real world and I’ve learned to accept that it’s NOT all chocolate and good books) and I got a nice raise in September when there was discussion as to whether raises would come at all. But there’s someone here who’s sure the bigwigs are going to give everyone a pat on the back and a bonus tomorrow. So, even though I’m trying not to, my hopes are raising just a little bit. Because, we could really use the extra money. And I wouldn’t even spend it on a Mac for me or a vacation for Helen and me. It would probably go to something stupid like the rent. Or Christmas presents. Or cat food cause god knows, those cats can eat and they keep expecting to be fed every morning and night.

I’ll let you know tomorrow afternoon.



  1. amanda Says:

    OR, you could get yourself a big, red, indian rubber ball like King John.

  2. ewe are here Says:

    I hope it’s good news, whatever it is.

  3. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    I’ve been catching up on my reading here, MB. Dick Francis is at the top of my favorites list too. And I think John Grisham’s best book was his first, A Time to Kill, and neither E. nor I could get through Catcher in the Rye. how do you feel about Catch 22? Good luck on the bonus!

  4. noble pig Says:

    My fingers are crossed for you!

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