Dear Santa

This was going to be a lighter post about finding the Christmas spirit when I found the perfect gift, but then, on Sunday night, we heard about this:

24 year old man died late Saturday night/early Sunday morning when his car left the road and hit a tree.

From that, comes this…

Dear Santa,

Please help alleviate this child’s (because even at 24, he is still a child, and still their child) parents’ excruciating pain.

Please help his friends and co-workers, including brother #3, who are understandably devastated.

And please, please, please instill in these friends that they are NOT immortal and even one or two drinks are not a good idea when it’s raining/snowing and the roads are slushy. This will also help the brothers/sisters/families of these friends, who involuntarily cringe whenever they see that short paragraph in the paper, until they again hear the voice of their loved one. Growing up sucks, but that sense of indestructibility needs to dim. Because today, brother #3 is shopping for a suit so he can go to one more senseless funeral, and he’s been to way too many of those already.

I’m sorry to be such a “Debbie Downer” but that’s what we’ve been dealing with over the past two days. Last night, Helen and I met brother #3 for dinner under the auspices of helping him find Dad a Christmas present. We got him to laugh a couple of times because that’s how my family deals with pain, and he got us to laugh a lot because he’s the one that’s really good at the whole humor bit:) He will be okay in a bit, but my heart hurts for him.

Please be safe this Christmas. Even if you know you’re mortal, there are the ones who just don’t believe they are.

2 Responses to “Dear Santa”

  1. amanda Says:

    Maybe no magic pill for me but one to make it easier for brother #3… Those poor parents, Christmas will never be the same for them.

  2. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Made the mistake of reading this before going to work. There was also the added bonus that he was texting his girlfriend at the time and she is living with the fact that she sent a text and never got an answer. Instead of spending money building weapons and such, could someone please invent something that won’t let a car turn on if there is any alcohol in the system.

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