I am one of those people who makes New Years Resolutions and forgets them by January 2nd. Every December, I am so gung ho to change my lifestyle, and then apathy sets in and I do nothing. But this year will be different. Why this year? Because I said so! In 2009, I plan to ….

  1. Post more on my blog – not sporadically or maybe once a week – I’m going to try to at least get posts started on weekends so they just need to be polished and then posted. That way, I can’t complain about running out of time. And I’ve learned how to post from my iPhone so that will help. However, the iPhone application doesn’t seem to have a spell check so there may be a few misspelled words here and there. I’m also going to try to comment more on the blogs I read regularly. I’m usually reading them during lunch and trying to get in as many as possible, but I love getting comments, so I should probably leave them for others. Give and you shall receive and all that.
  2. Get house to where I can invite people over without wanting to crawl under the nearest dust bunny and hide. I’ve started on one room – 10 more to go. And I want to keep the rooms semi-neat so all I have to do is run a dust cloth and a vacuum around quickly and they’re ready to go. Helen may pull a muscle from laughing so hard at this one.
  3. Plan meals ahead so I’m not scrambling at the last minute with none of proper ingredients(ah, crap! I think I forgot to defrost something for dinner tonight. See! This is what I’m trying to avoid!) I found Springpad online and they have a handy-dandy menu planner, which you can upload recipes into and then they provide you with a shopping list. Helen also found an application for the iPhone to which is very cool. Everything you need on your phone as your wandering aimlessly through the supermarket aisles.
  4. Read more. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with my iPhone and while I love it to death, I don’t want to miss out on my reading time. So instead of playing scrabble at lunch, I’ll read my book. Wait til you see all the reading challenges I’ve signed up for in 2009 – I’m going to have to read all the time to finish them. One is for 100 books. I read fast but this whole working full time gig is getting in the way. So I’m going to have to find spare moments here and there.
  5. Be more social. I was just reading a magazine article that says that social people are happier than anti-social people. I’m pretty happy but I live in a fairly insulated little world of my own making with a limited circle of real-life people that I let in. I want to expand the boundaries a little so I’m thinking of signing up for a photography class to make the most of the beautiful new camera I got for Christmas and looking into a Scrabble club. If I’m going to give up the electronic version, why not go for the real thing? Meet new people and keep my mind sharp. What could be better? Now if I could only get it so I meet the bloggers I’ve met online, that would be perfect because we’re passed the awkward first stages of friendship and let’s face it, you know more about me than my father does at this point:)
  6. Get to work on time. We fairly relaxed here – we don’t have to sign in and out or use time cards or anything like that. And they like the work I do so if I’m late every now and then, it’s not a big deal. I think I’ve been late every single morning in December. No joke. Not by much – between 10 and 20 minutes – but getting started in the morning has been really difficult. So my goal is to be out the door by 7:30 AM, not just coming down the stairs at that time.
  7. Then there’s the generic eat healthier, exercise more, lose weight, blah, blah, blah resolutions that I try to follow every year. With BlogHer coming up in July, maybe that will provide me with the incentive I need. We’ll see. What about you? Do you set goals for yourself?


  1. noble pig Says:

    These are good ones..not too lofty. I have a room, okay 2, I desperately want to clean out. And then there’s that garage…and be a better person and OMG now I’m hyper-ventilating.

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