I figure with all the books I’m going to be reading next year, there are going to be quite a few new authors in the bunch, so the New Author Challenge should be a piece of cake. The challenge runs from January 1 through December 31, 2009 and you can choose how many new authors you wish to try. The only hard-fast rule is that you can’t have read anything by that author before. I’m going to start with 25 and see how close I can get – maybe I’ll exceed my goal!

1. Kristin Gore (Sammy’s House & Sammy’s Hill)
2. Kate Atkinson (Behind the Scenes at the Museum)
3. Mark Helprin (Winter’s Tale)
4. Rebecca Stott (Ghostwalk)
5. Jesse Kellerman (Sunstroke)
6. Benjamin Mee (We Bought a Zoo)
7. Brad Meltzer (The Book of Fate)
8. Erin Hunter (Seekers: The Quest Begins)
9. Vicki Constantine Croke (The Lady and the Panda)
10. Vicki Myron (Dewey)
11. Shreve Stockton (The Daily Coyote)
12. Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice) – I know, it’s so sad but this English Major has never read Austen.
13. Hester Browne (The Little Lady Agency)
14. Diana Gabaldon (The Outlander Series)
15. Amanda Grange (Mr. Darcy’s Diary)
16. Michelle Moran (Nefertiti)
17. Marie Phillips (Gods Behaving Badly)
18. Rick Riordan (The Lightning Thief)
19. Laurie R. King (The Beekeeper’s Apprentice)


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