I think most of us have a morning routine, something we can navigate (and often do) when we’re three quarters of the way asleep. For me, I get up, brush my teeth, start the shower and while it’s warming up, I make my bed. Since the advent of Dudley the Wonder Kitten – actually since he’s been old enough to roam the house freely – he joins me every morning for this routine. Partially, this is because he adores the smell of mint. What can I say, our cats are weird!

Dudley loves to sit on the sink as I brush my teeth and then nuzzles up to me to get his first dose of minty Listerine breath. As I turn on the shower, he races over to the bed to help me make it. I do not make my bed because it was ingrained in me by my mother (although she tried) or because I want my room to look neat and orderly (snort) but for a much more practical reason. I have sliding doors at the food of my bed through which the sun streams all day. My bed is one of the more popular resting places for the felines while we’re at work. What’s not to like – sun beams warming everything in sight, a gorgeous river view, and a balcony where the birds and squirrels come to visit.

One of the trade offs of having cats that remain indoor cats is that you need litter boxes. I have yet to figure out how to train them to use our bathroom methods, although I’m pretty sure they could figure it out on their own if they so desired. And when cats use litter boxes, some of the litter travels with them, caught between their paws until they start cleaning themselves. Since a lot of the bathing happens on my bed, I’d rather not have sheets full of litter when I’m going to bed at night. Take it from me, there are few things as frustrating as trying to find that one tiny piece of litter that feels like a pebble as you’re trying to get comfortable, when you’re just this shy of being dead to the world. It will keep you awake and ruin what would otherwise be a perfect night’s sleep. And so, in the chaos that is the rest of my life, there is one constant – my bed will be made and my sheets will be litter free when I finally fall into it at night:)
This morning was a little different. Dudley helped me make my bed before racing at full speed back into the bathroom. However, he forgot that the shower was turned on and came back out even faster, if at all possible, soaking wet and with his tail twice the normal size. He immediately lay down and began licking his fur to show me he meant to run into the running shower because cat’s must save face at all costs. It didn’t help that I was laughing so hard, I had to lean against the door sill for support. Poor Dud – he may be weird but he’s a constant source of amusement for me!

4 Responses to “ROUTINES”

  1. catnip Says:

    Poor Dudley! Back when I used to blow dry my hair every morning, George would sit on the counter put his little face up for me to blow hot air on him. So weird, but we love our cats.

  2. PG Says:

    Now, I did read somewhere once about toilet training cats…I think what you did was put the litter tray on the floor, next to the bowl, and as the cat gets used to using it there, you gradually raise the height by putting newspapers or similar underneath, until at last it is as high as the bowl top. However, I can’t remember how you then make leap (as it were) from tray to toilet…oh hang on, I think then you put the tray over the toilet top, and eventually take it away altogether, so that it starts using it normally. However, I’m not sure I’d like to share ours! (Isn’t it amazing the amount of useless knowledge we carry around?)

  3. ewe are here Says:

    heh hehCats are funny little things.My last cat used to like to sit on the edge of the bathtub and pat at the bubbles when I took the occasional bath… until the day she fell in. heh heh

  4. painted maypole Says:

    ha ha ha.. (wet cats are funnY0ahh… kitty litter. I was mumbling disgruntedly about it just today!

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