The Premise: Three children come to spend the holidays at Green Knowe, an ancient house on an island in the middle of the river. Two of the children, Oskar & Ping, are displaced children and the third, Ida, is the niece of the woman who is renting the house while working on a book about giants. The children, all around 11 years old, spend most of their time out on the river discovering other islands.

My Take on the Book: This wasn’t the book I thought it was. I remember loving a book about Green Knowe when I was growing up and I think it might be The Children of Green Knowe. I found this one difficult to get into and cannot imagine liking it as a child. The children find some fantastical things on their island searches (on one, there are flying horses), but the author doesn’t spend any time on any particular spot and therefore loses opportunities to enhance to book. I need to find The Children of Green Knowe and reread that because this was a disappointment.

Reading Challenges: Childhood Favorites Challenge, 100 Book Challenge

Rating: Two stars

My Rating system:
five stars – couldn’t put it down and will read again
four stars – enjoyable read, but had some flaws
three stars – really didn’t affect me one way or the other
two stars – too many problems to make the story enjoyable
one star – didn’t even finish the book


2 Responses to “THE RIVER AT GREEN KNOWE by LM Boston”

  1. susiej Says:

    OK, now I want to find The Children of Green Knowe — the one the kids would like.

  2. J. Kaye Oldner Says:

    So sorry for the let down. I really don’t like when that happens to me.

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