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Yesterday, we traveled into Philly to see the Narnia exhibit at the Franklin Institute. It was AMAZING! If you enjoyed the movies The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian, you will probably love this exhibit. I don’t know if it’s traveling around the country but if you see it near you, it is so worth the time. For me, someone who’s read the books repeatedly and loved the movies, it was so much fun.

You enter the wardrobe, walk through the fur coats, and when you step into Narnia, it is snowing. You can sit on the White Witch’s throne (which is cold, brr…), see costumes and props from the two movies, learn how a catapult works, figure out how to make an arch out of blocks of stone without using mortar, and so much more. There’s a wall of ice from the frozen waterfall the Pevensie children had to cross under; there are swords and armor you can try to lift to see how heavy they were; Trufflehunter, the badger’s house is there that you can duck into; and you can make a virtual shield with your colors and standard. There’s even a miniature (5’x5′) version of the Telemarine castle. Throughout the exhibit, there are screens showing 1 to 2 minute blurbs about the making of the movies – from makeup to CGI created animals that talk like humans. The amount of detail that went into the props is extraordinary. King Miraz’s buckler (small round shield) alone had scenes of Narnia carved around the outer rim. Watching the movies, you would never know but the director and the producer wanted everything to be perfect.

This exhibit is geared towards children and school trips. Mixed in with the Narnia facts and lore are tidbits on taking care of our planet to ensure we don’t enter an extended winter. There are also bits about armor and weapons of yore for the slightly more bloodthirsty. But there is enough aimed at adults to keep everyone entertained. The museum had a suggested 45 minute time length for taking in the exhibit. Brother #3 was done in 10 minutes, with Dad not far behind him. Dad actually visited several other exhibits, checked out the gift store, and had a nice rest while waiting for us. Amanda, who engineered the trip, and her boyfriend Mike went through at their own pace. Helen, my mom and I took almost 2 hours in the exhibit. I read everything, some of it twice.


3 Responses to “NARNIA”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    oooh… we would love that. I looked it up, and it IS set to travel (it came to philly from arizona) but the next city isn’t scheduled yet. I signed up for e-mail updates! 😉

  2. amanda Says:

    We went at a fairly slow pace and went through some of it twice… On a side note, Mike really enjoyed meeting everyone and said today that he was pleasantly surprised at how much at ease he felt. Silly boy was shaking as we walked up to the table… Thank you to all for making him feel welcome.

  3. Jeanne Says:

    I just mentioned this to a friend who’s going to Philly. Why aren’t these things more widely advertised? Thanks for making me aware of it!

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