THE BOOK OF FATE by Brad Meltzer

Dick Francis says you need to think about people wandering through airport bookshops when you’re an author. They don’t have a lot of time or patience to decide which book to buy so you have to capture them on the first page. Brad Meltzer snagged my attention with his opening sentence … Six minutes from now, one of us would be dead. Eight years ago, someone opened fire on the President of the United States’ limousine, killing one of his oldest friends and disfiguring his aide. Was the shooter aiming for the President, or was someone else the target? And why, eight years later, is the dead man alive and showing up near the now ex-President? As told through the voice of the aide, Wes, this book had the potential to be a real page turner.

The blurb on the back references buried secrets in freemason history, two hundred year old codes, and decade old puzzles, which made me think of The Davinci Code by Dan Brown. I couldn’t put that book down the first time I read it. Every time I thought about taking a break, something else happened and I wound up reading it through in one sitting. While The Book of Fate had periods where I got completely caught up in the action and the story line, the momentum didn’t carry for the entire book. I would be speeding along the back streets of Palm Beach with the characters, when Meltzer shifted gears and the story ground to a slow crawl. Then the lunatic escaped the asylum and we were back up to speed only to slow down again in the next chapter.

The premise was intriguing and the characters were good – ones that I’d be interested in seeing again. I’m a little disappointed in the book, though, because there was the potential of being so much more.

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Rating: Four Stars

My Rating system: five stars – couldn’t put it down and will read again

four stars – enjoyable read, but had some flaws

three stars – really didn’t affect me one way or the other

two stars – too many problems to make the story enjoyable

one star – didn’t even finish the book


2 Responses to “THE BOOK OF FATE by Brad Meltzer”

  1. Jai Says:

    Book seems to be very Interesting !! I reside in India, do I get this edition here in the book stall?

  2. Diya Says:

    Interesting!! I went in search of this book in Lasvegas but I coud’nt find, Do we need to purchase in Airports only?

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