I love BBC America. As a matter of fact, I go weak in the knees for just about anything English (except English food – they’re a bit lacking there). But when Hugh Laurie drops the flat American accent he uses for House to speak in his plummy normal voice, there is definite swooning going on. There are a lot of good shows on BBCA, which unfortunately, we are not getting as part of our cable package at the moment. However, we’re going to be upgrading soon to include everything baseball and hopefully, BBCA will be included in the new package.

I have spent many a happy hour dreaming in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood or in Camelot with Merlin. I’m even happy spending time being creative with Handy Andy. And don’t get me started with Tom Quinn or Adam Carter over at MI5. My brother is my dealer – he supplies me with the English shows he knows I love and finds new and interesting ones for me to try. His latest is Being Human. The basic premise is a vampire, a werewolf, and ghost are sharing a flat and trying to fit in with their human neighbors. It’s kind of goofy but fun to watch. However it sparked a conversation the other night, comparing how England censors their shows versus the way America does.

One of the recent episodes of Being Human had a vampire killing her victim whilst in the middle of having sex with him. Over here, the show would have to be on a cable channel or on after prime-time. Over there, there are arses hanging out, full on sex – until the poor schlub dies of course. And language? Nothing is off limits. However, if there’s even mention of a gun in the episode, there are warning signs all over the place before the show begins. In one episode of MI5, they all had to get special permission to retrieve their pitiful handguns to take on terrorists armed with uzis and automatic weapons.

Here, we have a plenitude of shows celebrating violence and all the horrific things we can do to one another with weapons, but I’m still shocked when I hear a character describe another as a “prick”. Brother #3 pointed out that the English censor board would probably go into apoplectic shock if anyone wanted to show something like Criminal Minds or Flashpoint. Here? Just another Wednesday night. What does it say about us as a nation that we don’t bat an eye at some of the violence on our shows but we raise holy hell if someone wants to show a nipple on TV? That we are a country of bloodthirsty prudes?

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  1. PG Says:

    :0) Yes, we do like our swearing over here – but it is a fair reflection of our society, I can curse for England in the middle of a conversation, without even realising.Ones to look out for, if you get them over there at any point – ‘Kingdom’ with Stephen Fry starring, and we have a new series of the Morse spin-off, ‘Lewis’ starting soon, which sends me into ectasy every time the trailers come on.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    It’s certainly not just England. I was just writing about this:http://necromancyneverpays.blogspot.com/2009/03/knowledge.html

  3. Linda G. Says:

    Give me the BBC anytime!

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