Grace in Small Things

Schmutzie asked the blogosphere to take a moment and think about the small things that make you happy (or at least make life bearable) every day. These are things you might take for granted but that, when recognized, bring a smile to your face. Here is my list for this week ….

1. A car seat warmed by the sun on a chilly day
2. Hearing a favorite song on the radio
3. The purr of a favorite feline
4. The first bloom of daffodils in spring
5. Reading a book so good you steal moments from your schedule to read a page or two.

What makes you happy?


3 Responses to “Grace in Small Things”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    Watching a kitten discover there are bugs in the grass!

  2. amanda Says:

    a baby’s chortle

  3. PG Says:

    I am quite easily pleased…this is going to sound sad, and not at all romantic, but sitting down to watch a new series of an especially favourite TV programme and allowing myself to watch it ALL (instead of pottering about or working with it on) makes me very happy indeed. I am going to be doing it with the new ‘Lewis’ series soon.

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