good egg

Every now and then publishers send us books they think would do well in our store, Hey Teach. Unfortunately, we’ve found that books don’t do well at all in a small on-line store because why pay full price with us when you can get discounts at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders? They can offer great prices because they buy in such bulk, they pay less than we would for our 6 or 12 copies. But that is a whole other subject. Back to this post. Yesterday, we got a book from Workman Publishing called good egg, by Barney Saltzberg. It is a pop-up board book, out just in time for Easter.

This is a great book! The colors are beautiful – very spring-like – with each page a different color. The story has the narrator directing the egg to do different tasks, such as roll over, lie down and catch. There are arrows to pull and balls to velcro to the page which allows the reader to help the egg do these things. It was really, very amusing, even for a 40-something year old child.

The book is written for ages 2-5. The youngers will love looking at the simple pictures and manipulating the parts of the book. However, for the olders, it’s a great book to use when first learning to read. The simple, repetitive text – after the egg performs each task, it is rewarded with “good egg!” – lets the early reader start recognizing words without being overwhelmed. The commands – “sit, lie down, catch” – can be used as examples of digraphs, silent vowels, or just simple words to sound out, depending on the level of the reader.

This is really a wonderful book and while I can’t sell it to you, I can give it away to one lucky reader. If you’re interested in this for your child or for a niece, nephew, grandchild … leave me a comment and I’ll pick one winner on Wednesday April 1st. It will be a nice April Fool’s day gift – instead of a trick, you’ll get a treat:) I don’t mind shipping out of the country so anyone can enter, just comment before the end of Tuesday. Good luck!

One Response to “good egg”

  1. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    I'm betting Pumpkin and Penguin both would love this book – they're 22 months & 4 1/2. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

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