Yesterday, Helen and I started using the My Fit Coach program for the Wii. It went fairly well, all things considered. We made it through the 30 minute cardio workout without vomiting, which is a definite plus. We also kept the number of feline paws stepped on to a minimum – minor miracle seeing as how all cats sauntered through our legs at one point or another, showing us how much more flexible they are than us. Dudley insisted on bringing his toy for us to play with while we high-stepped or pranced our way through.

Last night we decided to continue the torture by doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred video, which had just come in the mail. I wasn’t able to keep up with her for all her jumping exercises, but I wasn’t expecting to be able to – it’s all up from here. If I had been able to lift my arms, I might have tried to take a picture of Dudley trying to get on Helen’s back as she was trying to do her push ups. Cause that’s just what she needs – another 10 pounds to lift. During the last set of sit-ups, Jillian was talking about the knot in your stomach being something or other – all I could think was that it was all the food I’ve ever eaten fighting it’s way back out of my body.

This morning, I fully expected us to be bedridden, but we were up and at it again at 6 AM. I’ve found that the time goes by much faster when we’re talking so I need to start storing conversation starters in my pockets so we won’t run out of things to talk about (ha ha). My legs were good when we were done this morning – tired but good. Now, I can’t get out of my chair. I think I need someone to come wheel me around wherever I have to go so I won’t be forced to stand up again until tomorrow. Jillian Michaels won’t mind if I do everything from a wheel chair, will she?

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