We found out Friday night that Easter would definitely be held at our house this year, which meant we spend Saturday in a haze of chemical fumes as we tried to clean several months of grime. The amount of cat hair we removed was remarkable. I swear those felines went around spitting fur in hard to reach places on purpose. I stopped counting the number of times we’d finish clearing a counter/table/minuscule portion of a bookshelf only to turn around and see one of them sitting there silently thanking us for finally cleaning their “favorite spot” in the whole house for them. We try to keep the place relatively neat but we’re at the other end of the spectrum from Better Homes & Gardens. Our house is definitely lived in:)

After spending several hours vacuuming, mopping, and generally cursing, we figured we’d better get to the super market before we collapsed completely. So off we went to one of my favorite places, Wegmans. They have everything you could possibly need when entertaining, except maybe the duds you plan to wear that day. We got bowls and dessert plates (because, really, what is entertaining if not an excuse to buy new china?) in a flower pattern, which were on sale – score!

Just as we were about to leave the china section, I fell completely in love with these glasses. The green and yellow butterfly fit in with the overall look I could envision and I had to get them, even though they weren’t on sale.

Aren’t they beautiful? I truly love them! Here’s a picture of the overall table. The rabbit platter that the steaks are on – Wegmans last year for Easter!

There’s a matching serving bowl, but it was holding the fruit from lunch. Napkins? from Wegmans last summer:)

Not to be outdone by the serving china, the most of the food came from Wegmans as well.

This was the pasta pie I made, recipe courtesy of Noble Pig. All I can say is that it was divine and well worth falling off the Weight Watchers wagon for a day. What you can’t see is all the meat sauce that’s down in the rigatoni tubes, just waiting for you to take a bite. Yummm!!

Overall, it was a great day. Most of our family was there – we were just missing brother #2 who was stuck in MD working for the day. But we did get to have sister #3’s boyfriend come instead. I’m a little afraid of what he thinks of us after spending 8 hours uninterrupted with him. On our end, he fit in very nicely – accepting the baseball mania that was in the background, making friends with the gents (and attempting to meet the inhospitable cats), and complimenting the cook, which goes over well, I can tell you:)

Hope your Easter was as good as ours!



  1. amanda Says:

    Mike absolutely enjoyed himself. Rather proud that he was not bit by the little black bandit (nugrom). Very appreciative of home cooking.

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