I wish I had a job where I could relax a bit more,

where my co-workers would fall all over themselves to help out,

with a window and a view of spring flowers ….
What I really wish is someone would pay me to sit around and read all your blogs during the day cause that’s what I truly like doing:D 
Today was rough – one of my co-workers took 1/2 a day vacation and we had to cover the phones. By we, I mean me because no one else felt like bothering. And when I tried to pass on messages, I was told by some that they were doing important work and to email the information. I’m not your secretary, bud! However, it’s now 4:59 and I’m packing up to go home to the co-workers who will cheer me up no end.


  1. Natalie Says:

    aw…i totally get that! i haven’t had a job in years, but i know how it feels to be the one doing it all! happy cats and daffodils!

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