One of the projects my company is working on is building the new stadium for the Red Bull Soccer team. As part of the perks, they gave us tickets to one of their soccer games, which was played at Giants Stadium last Saturday. I didn’t expect the sheer number of rugrats running around, most of them in soccer uniforms. There were a couple in the row in front of us that didn’t want to disturb their parents so they jumped over the seats and went out across our feet several times. Great way to watch your kids, people!

I love going to baseball games. I’ll sit through a basketball game. I’ve even been known to watch the Superbowl, but that’s just for the commercials, really. Sitting through this soccer game was one of the MOST BORING sporting events I’ve ever been to, and I’ve gone to my share of little league games. Okay, maybe it wasn’t as slow as little league, but lord it was dull! 

You’d think with all the athletic men running up and down the field, there’d have been more excitement, but not so much. There weren’t even male cheerleaders at half-time. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask for, do you? What did they give us? Just more kids running around. It is such a good thing I don’t have kids, seeing as how forgiving of them I am.
However, there was one thing I saw, that got me a little excited. 


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