We came down to the beach latish last night. The trip down was uneventful but the cats were not happy about being tucked into carriers and shuttled down for an hour and a half ride. Not many cats can boast of a beach house available to them whenever the mood strikes. You would think they’d be a little more grateful! However, I think they really dislike being stuck in a two bedroom suite when they are used to having the entire house at their disposal. Being cats, they have overcome that obstacle and learned to open the thumb latch on the door, and then they are free to roam as they please.
Last weekend I came in to the kitchen on Sunday morning and my father couldn’t wait to tell me about the visitor he had met at 4:00 AM. Evidently Andrew came calling and woke him up by jumping on his head and then purring. Andrew is 17 pounds of muscle and NOT what you want landing on you unexpectedly.

Evidently last night, very late, my mother was getting ready to go up for the night and something large and black & white went flying past her out of the kitchen. Andrew was roaming again and didn’t expect to meet the gents.

When he came strolling into the kitchen and found these two waiting for him, he left very quickly and my mother is pretty sure his feet never hit the floor. He was about waist high, flying through the air. My mother followed him back to the rooms and saw that he was where he belonged and went back to finishing up for the night. A few minutes later she hear a noise in the hallway and when she looked out, she saw that Andrew had gone to get his good friend George to be his muscle.

She managed to get both of them back in the room and blockaded the door so they couldn’t get out again. Needless to say, we are looking into a hook and eye catch to install this afternoon. Wandering the house during the day is one thing but scaring my parents half to death, not once but twice in one night is not the way to go.
I might add that Helen and I were dead to the world during all these encounters and heard nothing until the next mornings. We are used to having cats land on us at all hours and don’t even come fully conscious anymore:)

One Response to “NIGHT RAMBLINGS”

  1. amanda Says:

    Dad didn't appreciate Andrew's company? He only takes up a little (ahem) space…

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