Here are some of the things I saw at Reynolds Garden Shop while shopping for my father for Father’s Day. None of these will work for the Foz, but I took pictures so people will know what to get when they’re shopping for ME!
How sweet is this rain gauge? And it’s heavy as anything so it won’t tip over. The only thing is it will fill up way too quickly this summer 😦
While I do not attend church regularly, I have an affinity for saint statues. This one would be so beautiful in the backyard and I particularly like the little opening where you can put an offering to the outdoor inhabitants.
These ceramic birds are so nice – they have the greatest expressions. I’m not sure if you use them for anything other than decorative purposes but I’m seeing fairy wands, personally.
I love this bird feeder. It has a fairy peeking over one side and an elf looking out the other side. It wouldn’t even have to hold food – I could just put it out and let it fill with water and it could be a bird bath/water fountain.
These are the greatest jars – I want them for spice jars for my counter. They have the greatest birds on the stoppers and I can just see them with the colored spices in them. They’d be perfect! There were also tin pails with birds painted on them that I didn’t get a picture of but I envision them with my cooking utensils. I need slightly larger counters but I would move stuff around to make room for these lovelies.
And don’t miss the Tiffany style lamp in the background. That would fit in beautifully at my house!
I love him – Buddha frog! He’s just perfect!

After Reynolds, we stopped off at the supermarket. As I returned the cart, there was a bird yelling at me. I think he was a little upset I left all the bird feeders/accoutrements at the store. I finally found him in the triangle of the A on the side of the building. He really had a lot to say!
Part of what he’s saying is “Happy Father’s Day” to all the dads out there! Hope you all have an amazing day!

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