So a few months ago, I went to my dentist because my gum was infected and it hurt – like, a lot! And he said, “I deal in teeth – you need to go to the Periodontist who will fix your gums.”
Off I went to the Periodontist who told me that my gum was indeed infected and that he would happily fix it for me. And then he yelled at me for a while because I don’t go to the doctor every two weeks or whatever, and because I haven’t had a mammogram. And I looked at him like “you do the gums, man and leave the rest alone” and he went into this long rant about how everything is connected, blah blah blah, and I should have a mammogram. And I told him to pick his battles because there are just some things you won’t win, and getting me to put my breasts between two metal plates so they can squeeze them, without even offering dinner first? Ain’t gonna happen, my friend.
So he accepted his defeat gracefully (hah) and went on to punish me, on subsequent visits, by poking my gums with very sharp, painful instruments. And by charging me an exorbitant amount of money which my insurance does not cover.
After a couple of visits of planing (cleaning up under the gum line), last Thursday, he did gum surgery to explore an abscess, which produced several cysts (which he felt the need to show me – eww!) and a broken tooth left over from a bad root canal (by another dentist, many years ago) which needed to be pulled. When he asked if I wanted him to show me the tooth, I told him only if he wanted me to throw up all over his waiting room. Then he charged me even more money, still not covered by insurance, and put a packing in the hole left by the tooth.
Since last Thursday, I have not been chew on the right side of my mouth. In addition to being very painful, it’s cramping my style as far as eating is concerned. I have to take tiny bites and chew slowly. The good news is that I’m eating a little less but offsetting it with a dull ache a lot of the time is not an acceptable alternative.
Tomorrow I’m going back to have the pack changed and then the following week, I get the sutures out. I’m looking forward to getting my mouth back to normal, and I’ll get to keep paying for it for quite a while to come. Gum maintenance on a lay-away plan – lucky me!

One Response to “DENTAL HELL”

  1. PG Says:

    Oooh…poor, poor you. But, if there is a bright side, at least it is sorted now, and you can look forward to a hassle free mouth.

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