We waited as long as we could. We opened windows as far as they could go. It helped that we had one of the rainiest Junes in a long time. But finally, this morning, it got to be too much, and we gave in. Coming upstairs from exercising this morning, I had to check George to make sure he was still breathing. This is the cat that is up bright and early every morning, just in case we decide to feed him a little earlier than usual. Poor thing couldn’t even move, it was so hot and muggy. So we turned on the air conditioning. FINALLY! Andrew headed to the closest floor vent and just collapsed on top of it (air hog!) Gretel managed to drag herself out from under the bed but couldn’t make it much further. And Dudley wandered around, staring pitifully at the windows and gasping desperately because obviously we are cutting him off from his air supply.
In reality, it was 75 degrees and a bit humid in the house, but with the way they were acting, you’d think we’d been torturing the poor things for the past month!

One Response to “CAVING”

  1. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Totally inhumane, the way we treat them!

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