Today was my first day of stay-home vacation. Yesterday, I listed some things I wanted to work on while I was off. Before I start checking things off, I want to share some differences from my usual daily workspace —
Flowers at the office: If I want flowers, I have to bring them in cut from the garden. Today, I got to enjoy these lovelies, delivered fresh to my doorstep by Mother Nature …

I’m beginning to think I was a hydrangea in a former life – they keep popping up in my pictures. Today, we feature purple & blue …

Then, there are the gladioli that we planted in the “grave” last year and are coming back up – much to our surprise since we thought they were annuals.

My co-workers are a little shorter than I’m used to and they have some kick-ass superpowers … these can FLY!
Oh, yeah – the view ain’t bad either!
Ok – on to the list:
let’s see what I worked on today …
the closet under the stairs – yeah, not so much
the coat closet – erm, not yet
my bedroom – (shaking head)
rearrange kitchen – (ducks head in shame)
working on Fragile Earth – got the logo done; created the template for our business cards (now I just need to print them); and packed and shipped 10 packages from stuff bought over the weekend;
spend a little time outside reading – as I just scratched my chest, I’m reminding myself that I definitely got some sun today.
Definitely, not a wasted day.

4 Responses to “VACATION – DAY 1”

  1. Helen/Dudley Says:

    you forgot to mention that the packages were packed and ready to go before 8AM!!!

    the logo and business cards were huge!!

  2. AnnetteK Says:

    Hey design work takes time, it sounds to me like you got a lot done. Have I mentioned how cute the stuff at Fragile Earth is? Love. My boy is a stuffed animal freak so I may have to do some shopping. 🙂

  3. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    I love hydrangeas, too. Those purple ones are -GORGEOUS-!!! I might need to plant me some…

  4. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV Says:

    Wow, what was that you were saying about not being good with your camera?! These pictures are breathtaking!

    I know how you feel when it comes to stuff to do around the house. I too have the bestest laid plans in the shower, and by the time I hit the couch my mind and body are completely switched off. The only thing I can do is take Milo on his walk!

    I say you don't push yourself. The reason you took this time off was to decompress, so do it. Just work out, read, pets your furbabies, and then if the buzz does happen to hit you, then go with it, and if not, then NOT!

    Enjoy your vacation!

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