FACIAL SCARS – or lack thereof

There was a slight altercation last night. When I got back from walking the dogs, Gretel

was upstairs, where she did not belong, and Dickon

decided to let her know how he felt about that, which just made her more insistent on staying up.

When we’re at the beach, we try to lock the cats up in our suite overnight because someone,

and I’m not naming names (Andrew) has a tendency to go visiting during the wee hours and Dad just doesn’t understand when 17 pounds of cat lands on him at 3AM.
In trying to get Gretel down and into the room, she took offense and scratched my face in her attempt to launch herself from my arms. My first thought was not oh crap, the cat scratched me, or I hope she didn’t get my eye, but rather how am I going to explain this at BlogHer next weekend.
Since I had what started as a small scratch at the corner of my left eye, that then morphed into a red welt across the cheekbone, and ended in another small scratch on my lip, I thought I’d go with knife fight at the bar. Or maybe catfight – you should see the other bitch. Anything other than admit the truth – Yeah, I picked up my cat when she was in a hissy fit about the dog and she let me know her true feelings.
When I saw my face this morning, all that’s left are two tiny scratches by the eye and on the lip. Knife fight just isn’t going to work because I don’t think there’s anything that small that would explain the scratches – dueling penknives, anyone? Besides, the way it’s healing, I won’t have to explain anything at work on Monday, let alone next Friday. Damn my super healing powers!

One Response to “FACIAL SCARS – or lack thereof”

  1. Mama Coyote Says:

    This post made me laugh 😀


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