BlogHer Day 1

BlogHer 2009 Day 1

Time: 6:23 AM

Weather: 75 ℉ but so freakin’ humid that you feel drenched if you do anything requiring movement

Scene: Our intrepid travelers set out – destination – Chicago, IL

The trip wasn’t that bad but it was LONG. Getting an early start allowed us to miss most of the North Jersey traffic and we crossed into Pennsylvania a little after 8 AM. Helen started the drive fest and I had a chance to catch a 10 minute cat nap around 7:30 AM. It’s amazing how restorative cat naps can be:)

The weather was grey and cloudy and intermittently spitting rain. As we drove route 80 through Pennsylvania, we climbed higher & higher into the mountains. We got to the point where we were up among the rain clouds. Spending almost all my time at sea level, being up so high that you can see wisps of the clouds drifting by is beautiful.

Through PA,

onto Ohio,


and finally Illinois.

We got to the outskirts of Chicago at 7:30 EST (so 6:30 local time) and then spent the next hour going the final 5 miles. But we maneuvered the complexities of downtown Chicago (thank you iPhone maps program!)

Chicago Public Library

and found not only our hotel but a parking garage close by where there was an empty spot, all the way at the top!

Our hotel … sigh. We’re staying at the Red Roof Inn so you get what you pay for and size is NOT included in the asking price. The ladies at the concierge desk were wonderful and helped us get a room with free wifi (except they are out of the wifi cards so they took $7.99 off the price of the room which is what it costs to join T-Mobile for the day) which turned out to be a king size suite instead of two single rooms. The bedroom has a king-size bed and the sitting room (hah!) has a queen-size pull out couch. The bed, when pulled out, takes up the entire sitting room but that’s okay. However, the bed was not made up, there was only one sheet folded up inside it (no blanket, no 2nd sheet) and I’ve seen thicker mattresses on cribs. There are times when it really pays to be short. I got a 2nd sheet and a blanket from the front desk and made up the couch because the couch’s cushions were 3x as thick as the mattress. I just fit stretched out on the couch.

We decided not to trek over to the Sheraton Towers for the parties last night. We were both tired and neither one of us does well on little sleep. We figured we’d have a better time today if we got plenty of rest. So we headed out for food and found O’Toole’s Pub

a block away. I had a tomato pesto panini with freshly made pesto and some of the best fries I have ever had. Our server loved us because we were so happy to have arrived and he got us our food so quickly, we left him a huge tip. To servers in Chicago – we have bartenders in the immediate family so as long as you treat us nicely, we tend to overtip!

We went to bed almost immediately after we got back to the room (and got the couch fiasco straightened out) and I slept well. I never sleep soundly in a strange room but other than that, I was fine. Until 5:30 AM (which is my 6:30 AM) and then I was wide awake! It’s now 7:30 Chicago time and I’m about to wake Helen up because people are already tweeting about BlogHer and I can’t wait anymore. I feel like a kid again on Christmas – that nervous excited feeling.


2 Responses to “BlogHer Day 1”

  1. PG Says:

    OOh, what a road trip! It sounds awfully exotic to me, over in the UK. Have a lovely time!

  2. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV Says:

    Chitown, my old home. I miss it! Have a grand old time and keep us posted. I'll be checking back for LOTS OF PICTURES! ROCK OUT WITH YOUR, ummm, SOCKS OUT!

    Q: Do you know the theme song to Laverne & Shirley? 🙂

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