Helen and I drove to Chicago this weekend for BlogHer. The trip out Thursday AM is pretty much a blur, because having me wake up at 5AM is just not a good thing all around. There were several places we went by on Sunday on the way home that I’d swear I’d never seen before. Much more frightening is the fact that Helen swears she never did either and she was driving most of the time. So if we both missed them …. who the hell was driving??

Anyway, having 14 hours to fill, conversation varied from the profound to the downright silly. Actually, in looking back, I don’t think there was anything profound, unless Helen did it all while I was asleep!

At one point we passed several deer eating by the side of the road. Me: Deer! Helen: You know, they’re there saying Car! Yes, we kill ourselves:)

As we’re passing a swerving 18 wheeler – Helen: Great, we’re all gonna die! And look, here’s a ravine we can fly off in a fiery ball of DEATH! Me: Well, there’s a pool in the ravine. Helen: Oh, okay. I’ll be sure to aim for the pool. Me: It’s a little, above ground pool. Do you think they’re down there saying “quick, roll the pool over because here comes another fiery ball of death”? At which point we dissolved into laughter.

Spending 14 hours in a car is much more fun when you’re with someone who gets you!


  1. Helen/Dudley Says:

    Rupert and I had plenty of profound discussions while you slept and there may have been a spot or two while you slept where I let him drive.

  2. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV Says:

    I love your blogs. You're all the best sisters ever. That sense of humor ya'll have…kills me every time. 😉

    Looking forward to pictures you may have from my hometown. I hope you got a chance to see and taste the local life!

    Oh, and when you have a moment, you might like to meet the REAL "Golden Girls"…tee hee.

  3. Jill of All Trades Says:

    Glad to meet you and Helen at BlogHer. Maybe we'll see each other in 2010.

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