I dread talking about movies on this blog because it seems like all I do is complain about them – how bad they are, how disappointed I am with them. I don’t think I’m generally a whiner or a complainer, but maybe I am and I just don’t hear it myself. Oh god, am I? No! I’m not! It’s not me, it’s you – really!

Anyway, Helen and I joined forces with brother #3 and went to the movies last night. We decided to see Public Enemies, since we were slackers and Up had already left the theaters. We stopped for burgers at 5 Guys – and I’ve got to tell you, that was one of the BEST burgers I’ve ever had, and I’m including my own cooking! I’m drooling now just thinking about it. The fries were good too, but next time I think I’m going with just the burger because it’s so good, it eclipses the fries.

We made it to the movie theater at the mall early so we decided to kill some time at the bookstore – always a mistake if I want to hold onto my money. We only picked up 4 books, including Pride & Prejudice & Zombies for brother #3. We try to get everyone to enjoy the classics – we’re good like that:) After quickly parting ways with our money, we made it to the theater in plenty of time to get good seats.

The AMC/Loews theater at the mall is great – lots of theaters that are HUGE with stadium seating. Since Public Enemies has been out for a while (what, 2? 3 weeks?), there weren’t many people in the showing and we got great seats with no one around us. The sound during the previews was iffy at best – sometimes great, sometimes sounding like your ears were popped, and sometimes screeching like a hearing aid turned up too loud. Once the movie started, it seemed okay but, just as the movie was getting really interesting, the sound effects started up again. Someone reported it and the techs got it fixed, but we had missed the dialogue and I’m pretty sure it was important. Three minutes later, the screeching started again and this time, they managed to empty the theater in just under 2 minutes, with everyone heading towards the Manager’s booth.

What ticks me off the most is that I was really liking this movie, and not just for the fact that Johnny Depp was in it (who was looking extremely good, I might add! I love it when he plays the clean cut characters – those cheek bones. There I go, drooling again!) The last few movies we’ve gone to see in the theaters have not been that stellar (Transformers 2, I’m looking at you!) and to finally break the bad streak with a great movie, only to have it derailed by technical difficulties, is frustrating.

The manager was very accommodating and was ready to give us our money back except yours truly lost her ticket in the shuffle, so we got replacement tickets instead. Hopefully, the next time will be better. I swear, if they ruin Harry Potter for me, I may have to take drastic measures. I’ve got my pen sharpened!


  1. Helen/Dudley Says:

    You're really very whiny, did you know that? Plus your talking crazy talk about not having the fries next. fries were as awesome as the hamburger

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