Bit of a field trip today. I’m in Jersey City today & tomorrow for training classes to become LEED certified. I know it sounds exciting but stand back folks – this is my gig! LEED is the system being used to help “green up” construction – protecting the environment and such.

So 6:30 AM finds me on the train into Newark Penn Station. I toyed around with the idea of driving in but Thursday & Friday afternoon traffic in NJ is nothing to sneeze at and this way I can relax without having to worry about finding the building or parking, etc.

The trip from Little Silver to Newark went without a hitch. It’s costing me the grand sum of $1.00 for 12 hours of parking – not too shabby, and $17 for a round trip ticket, for which I fully expect to be reimbursed since this is done for my career and all.

When I got to Newark, I got off the train and followed the stream of people down the stairs into the main terminal, only to find that all I had to do was walk across the platform to catch the Path Train into Journal Square. So back up the stairs I went and bought my Path ticket. The trains come every 5-10 minutes so I didn’t have to wait and I even got a seat:)

At Journal Square I again followed the lines of people up the escalator and into the grey murkiness of the day. Yeah, one thing I didn’t take into consideration when I was deciding train vs. driving was the weather – it’s supposed to start raining at 11 AM and go on through the night. We shall see.

I found a friendly policeman to help me navigate my way to the street because getting out of the actual rail complex requires an advanced degree in site planning. He pointed me in the right direction and off I went, iPhone in hand open to the map application. After asking another officer outside, and finding out that I was walking the wrong way, I managed to find the right road, which was absolutely deserted. I set off at a quick pace and soon found myself among several derelict buildings. Thanking the sun god for providing at least perfunctory light, I concluded that I was again going in the wrong direction and back-tracked. You may have surmised that this area of Jersey City leaves much to be desired.

I finally found the correct building and then proceeded to walk by the entrance not once but twice. I swear, the doors look like floor to ceiling windows! There are no door handles – no push bar – only a very small button that you push and the doors open electronically. It’s almost as if the universe was conspiring to keep me from this training course! But I foiled it’s attempts and made it to the session only 5 minutes late!

The information we are covering started out very dryly but it’s picking up in interest. However, there are two people (one more intrusive than the other) that have to question/comment/insert their expertise into every single point the instructor makes. I think the guy sitting next to me may haul off and sock one of them because he’s now rambling off topic just to hear the sound of his own voice. Things may be getting very interesting soon:D

On a fun note, I got a call from my office 2/3 of the way through the day. The person whom I told (twice!) that I would be out of the office for the next two days forgot? and they weren’t sure where I was. Don’t you love it when the lines of communication ….. crash and burn?


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