I cannot stand the phrase “cover your ass”. I think you should stand up and be accountable for your actions. If more people came out and said “Yes it’s my fault,” there would be a lot less misunderstandings & hurt feelings in the world.

This is not to say that I’m not tempted to hide behind others when my behavior is less than stellar. I’ll admit, my first reaction is very often to have a reason for my mishaps or to not accept the responsibility but I try to override those baser qualities. Not many people are born on the higher moral ground and it’s those that overcome the niggling voice that tells them to blame others that I admire.
Baseball is offering me the perfect example of this dilemma. The steroid mess has gone on long enough. Was anyone really surprised at the last two names released from the almost mythical list of players who tested positive in 2003? They are the size of HOUSES, people – of course they were doing something to help them bulk to that size! If you honestly believed that that’s the way god made them, then you are very gullible and I have some wonderful waterfront property you might be interested in. I’d like to see more players stand up and say “Yes I did steroids. Yes it was stupid and I’m sorry I did them. I’m not using them anymore. End of story.” There would be a quick buzz and life could continue on it’s merry way. I cannot tell you how much respect Jason Giambi gained from me the day he admitted using them. He didn’t try to pass it off as anyone else’s fault or make excuses – he just owned his actions.
And, by the way, how much better would it be if they’d just release the list once and for all? Yes, fans are going to be hurt when they see their favorite players on the list, but then it would be done. Think of pulling off a band aid – better to get the pain over with quickly. If I were running the zoo, attorneys would not be allowed to speak at the press conferences. I am so tired of their talk about respecting the players privacy and about the court orders preventing them from speaking. If your client tested positive, then they cheated! I don’t care if steroids weren’t against the rules of baseball at that time. They were against the laws of the United States which SHOULD override the rules of any sport!!! And if baseball were so hellbent on keeping the privacy of the players intact, why did they allow the players names to be attached to the tests and not use random numbers?

This rant isn’t completely about what I see as the lack of character in certain sports figures. The issue of spreading blame has popped up in different aspects of my life as well. However, since I’m not quite sure who reads (or will find) my blog, I prefer to use the less personal approach as I would rather keep my job and not cause rifts that would be difficult to repair. This way I can blather away and change the names to protect the innocent, as it were.

Thank you for reading – here endeth the rant. I feel better now:)

One Response to “HONESTY”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    i hate this thing, too, about always looking to blame someone else or pass it off as nothing. own up to your shortcomings.

    i find myself doing this on occasion, particularly with my husband. my first instinct is to defend myself, and I have to pull back and look to see what I truly did do wrong

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